Make Your Own Fairy or Goblin Home Lantern 5th April

Make Your Own Fairy or Goblin Home Lantern 5th April

Finish off the half term with these characterful fairy or goblin houses, perfect for decorating your room or windowsill.

On this exciting lantern building workshop  you will:
- find out what materials we need.
- learn about creating a structure using willow
- discover ways of decorating your little house
- investigate how to use light in your work

Our Materials
All of our materials will be provided in the session so all you’ll need to bring is yourself!
However, we will be using pva which may get on your hands and clothes, whilst it’s wash-outable we suggest you wear clothes you don't mind getting gluey.

Our session starts with making the lantern structure. Then we cover it and decorate.

All materials are provided in session but kits are available to buy if you want to build them a neighbour.
( we suggest that children under 6 make the lantern with the help of an adult)

Availability 05-04-2024


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