Afternoon of Style with Sarah Harris 27th June

Afternoon of Style with Sarah Harris 27th June

Do you know  your unique Style Personality and how to dress your body shape? Why is your wardrobe still full of clothes that don’t fit/suit you? Have you made rash decisions and bought in the sale because it was a good price or perhaps you saw how good your friend looked in it, but it doesn’t look the same on you!

I will talk you through  Style Personalities and explain why you choose certain items which are key to building your unique style and tips on how to dress your body shape that will set you on a style journey that will transform your life!!  You won’t be tempted to purchase an item because it looks good on the model in the magazine, you will learn why certain styles, patterns, fabrics are better on you! 

We all want to look and feel the best that we can and it is by understanding these details that makes the difference. 

Once you understand your unique style and how to dress your body shape you will be able to create a versatile wardrobe. A wardrobe that is light and airy  with items that you can easily see, that fit you and you feel comfortable in!! We all want to buy less and support the environment but we also want to be true to our unique style – we can do both.

As the great French fashion designer Coco Chanel said ‘ Fashion changes, Style endures’ 

This session is a great starting point for anyone wanting to understand more about Style Personalities and how this affects why we buy certain items, also useful styling tips that will help get you started on your style journey.

Come along for a fun afternoon of Style and find your Unique Style Personality!

This 90 minute session will help you understand your Style Personality along with some useful tips on dressing your body shape.

Availability 27-06-2024


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