Music to Calm the Soul 21st September

Music to Calm the Soul 21st September

If you were to ask anyone “What is sound therapy?” you would probably get a blank look and raised eyebrows. However, this little known healing modality dates back at least 3000 years with witch doctors and shamans, who used the voice, drums, rattles etc. to enable healing to take place. In those days little was known as to the science behind how this powerful healing tool worked, but with the recent leap in science knowledge and quantum physics most of these instruments have now been scientifically proven to enable a positive, healing outcome. The secret is vibration.

Sound therapists use instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, flutes, drums, rattles and the human voice to cover a very wide range of sounds and frequencies.

The sound bath is a very effective means of calming the mind and allowing deep states of relaxation to occur. Many people report lessening of symptoms following a sound bath and the most often heard benefit is how well they slept on the evening following the session. Having facilitated a sound bath and been on the receiving end, it is very difficult to describe the feelings and sensations in any meaningful way.  People report feeling as though they are sinking into the floor, floating away out into the cosmos, visiting different cities and cultures and just not being present and feeling as though they’ve missed half the sounds. If this is something you haven’t yet experienced, I highly recommend it.

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