Silk Painting Greeting Cards 30th July

Silk Painting Greeting Cards 30th July

Ever admired silk painting but thought it was beyond you? - then this is the workshop for you! No previous experience or artistic ability necessary. 

You will learn about the basics of silk painting with Crafty Diane from Garstang.

You will make 5 greeting cards with a choice of themes ( eg flowers, animals) using a variety of colours of silk paints on pre guttad patterns. This will allow you to concentrate on the paints and how they flow on the silk. 

The silk will then be left to dry to assemble into greeting cards with envelopes at the end of the session. 

The cards you make will be received with joy by friends and families and can be framed later. 

All materials and instructions will be given. Suitable from age 8 upwards

Availability 30-07-2024


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